The real spanish plancha

Quick and easy, cooking on a plancha helps you to keep in shape all while enjoying the pleasure of cooking.

Simogas triple guarantee

The real Spanish plancha of professional quality. Enjoy all the advantages we offer by registering your product


Healthy eating – easy with a plancha!
A small bit of oil is all you need for your food to be ready in the blink of an eye, keeping all their vitamins.


Simogas, a company originating from the metal industry, makes quality its main concern.
Professional planchas adapted for domestic use.

Plancha Recipes

Discover a wealth of easy plancha recipes to amaze your guests with.


Simogas is a family business based in Spain, founded by Josep Maria Simó in the 1970s. With just one machine, purchased on credit, he quickly won a reputation for high quality metal cutting, which at that time was still rare.


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