With our gas planchas, forget the traditional barbecues and join the “à la plancha” trend. Consult the prices of our gas cooking planchas, which are ideal for placing in the garden, balcony or terrace.

Models of gas planchas



Buy outdoor gas planchas

Gas planchas can cook your food quickly and with high quality, almost without fat. Running on butane, propane or town gas, these cooktops are designed to provide a clean and fast cooking system that meets the needs of your home or business.
You will find a wide variety of gas hobs: rolled steel, brushed steel, enameled cast iron and hard chrome hobs. If rolled steel and enameled cast iron are ideal for domestic use, the other two are intended for intensive use in restaurants.

How to use a gas plancha

You can use our gas plancha everywhere: whether you need a gas plancha for the garden or a gas plancha for the balcony or the terrace, with it you are the king/queen of the kitchen.
With the piezo electronic ignition system, you can easily reach a heating temperature close to 300° thanks to the “H” shaped burners (two lines of fire per burner) which ensure good heat distribution. You no longer need to spend time lighting your barbecue, you can now fully enjoy the presence of your guests.
In addition, the preheated plancha are finished with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the intensity of the burners and thus offers the possibility of controlling the cooking temperature depending on the food you want to prepare (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.). You can now cook several meals at the same time, at different temperatures and in record time!
And security in all this?
There is no risk with them (even if it is a large plancha or a small plancha): you can use your gas plancha with complete peace of mind. A gas plancha that runs on butane, propane or city gas depending on the model is equipped with a safety thermocouple that prevents gas leaks. As soon as the fire goes out, the gas supply is immediately shut off. Do not hesitate to contact us to buy a gas plancha with high performance.

Our gas plancha, with different plates: laminated or ground steel

With steel as the main material in the production and preparation of our products, Simogas manages to ensure maximum durability and resistance to use and over time.
Thanks to our high manufacturing standards, we guarantee the best performance despite the years.

Places where you can use a gas plancha

  • Gas plancha for the garden.
  • Gas plancha on the balcony.
  • Gas plancha on the terrace.