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For 8-10 persons


Gas Plancha ground steel Rainbow INOX: removable 12 mm thick carbon ground steel hob (polished plate to obtain a very smooth result). Hermetic welds. Dimensions 70 x 40 cm.  5 cm high lip.

Chassis: double wall in stainless steel 304. Adjustable feet to position the plancha.

2 H-shaped burners, i.e. 4 fire lines evenly distributed on the cooking surface, located 20 mm from the plate: eco-responsible consumption, no heat loss. Powerful temperature rise.

Ignition : electronic piezzo button (battery supplied).

Safety : the safety thermocouple cuts off the gas if the flame goes out (no gas leakage possible).

Grease container at the front (designed to remove cooking residues easily). Capacity: 500 ml.

Runs on propane or butane gas. Gas supply located at the rear.

IMPORTANT: Once the plate has cooled down, always oil (edible oil of your choice) the plate, after each use, so that it does not oxidize. We advise you not to use vinegar or other acidic products on your plate.


Ground steel

Ground steel plates for planchas and braseros

Acier rectifié au carbone
Plate thickness of 12 mm. 5 cm edge height
Accepts thermal shock
It must be oiled to prevent oxidation after use

Discover our wide range of ground steel plates. These ground steel plates are perfect for any kitchen that wants to gain functionality, allowing you to cook in a simple and fast way.

These ground steel plates have a long service life. This is possible thanks to their stainless steel structure, which makes them not only durable but also easy to clean.

The best quality in steel plates for cooking

Rainbow Range

Spanish griddle
5 colors to choose from
2 sizes: 50 cm and 70 cm
Available in gas and electric model

Plancha Simogas, Rainbow collection

Simogas gas planchas are very powerful devices that can reach high temperatures in a few minutes. Simogas electric planchas are just as efficient. In both cases, the reduced distance between the plate and the burners or resistors guarantees efficiency and allows eco-responsible consumption: no heat loss.

You can cook anything on your Simogas plancha: meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, sandwiches, fruit, crepes and pancakes, popcorn, desserts… The limit is your imagination!

Cleanup is quick and easy. Important: always finish with a drizzle of oil spread evenly over the entire plate, including the edges, at the end of each use, to protect it from oxidation.

The Rainbow range has been designed to enhance your garden or kitchen with its unique design. Its double-walled frame is a safety feature for family use. Simogas quality in a perfect design.