Silver Range

Silver gas and electric Planchas

Silver Range
Easy to use
Compatible with butane, propane and city gas
Front fat collector

The plates of the Silver range are the perfect complement to any kitchen that wants to enjoy a good hob. Thanks to the fact that they are made with the best materials, you can benefit from a guarantee of up to 20 years.

On this page you will find cooking plates for 6 to 10 people. Depending on the size you need, you can choose one model or another. Whichever model you choose, these planchas have been designed with special care.

Their electric ignition allows you to light two burners of the plancha with ease, burners which are located near the worktop for better thermal efficiency.

The best plancha in the world for cooking

These planchas work with butan, propane or city gas, to adapt to your supply without any problem and always with the greatest safety.

So that you can enjoy your plancha longer, these models have a special coating that prevents the plate from oxidizing and food from sticking to it. In addition, thanks to the grease container, grease can be removed much better together with food residues.