Plancha accessories

If you are looking for quality gas or electric plancha accessories, you should definitely take a look at this


Reasons why to buy plancha accessories

Buying a plancha is good, but you still need to have plancha utensils and the necessary equipment to receive your guests and use all your tools like a real chef. At Alaplancha we offer you the best plancha accessories for a more comfortable and professional kitchen.

We have a wide range of complementary products for your plancha, whether you use a gas or an electric plancha. Each of these products that make up our plancha pack, fulfills a specific function.

Advantages of plancha tools

  • More appetizing: One of our best accessories for the plancha is the grid degreaser. When cooking different food, usually different flavors on the plancha mix. We therefore recommend that you purchase a stove cleaner or degreaser to separate these flavors and keep your plancha in good condition.
  • Exceptional protection: Over time, the plancha can be damaged due to temperature variations (cold and heat), or it can suffer scratches and bruises… We therefore advise you to cover it with a lid or cover to protect your plancha, this accessories can be used at the same time. In our online shop we have lids or plancha covers for sale.
  • Speed and efficiency: It is clear that we do have the best plancha accessories, to cut food faster (thanks to our professional kitchen knives) or to flip food with our plancha spatulas or our gourmet tongs.
  • Customizable: If you buy the plancha separately, you need a stand where it will be placed. At Alaplancha, we offer plancha trolleys 100% adaptable to the model you have, so the plancha is at the right height to cook comfortably