Simogas Company

About us

We are a family business
created in 1967.

We are Simogas, a family business founded in 1967 by Josep María Simo, today managed by his two sons, Sergi and José Luis.
We have been professionals in the metallurgical industry since the beginning, concerned with offering our customers high quality products with modern designs.
We are constantly looking for an answer to the needs of our customers.

Difference and Innovations

Our history

Our job

We are developing a range of exceptional outdoor kitchen products.

Our professional quality products allow our customers to cook and entertain. We are looking for what can give a touch of class to their home and allow them to enjoy the long summer nights with their guests and family.

Gas Planchas

The real Spanish plancha to cook quickly and healthily.

We offer 5 ranges of planchas for individuals and professionals.

You will find small sizes planchas (60cm), large size planchas (up to 90cm) and accessories.

Electric Planchas

The ideal electric plancha for indoors.

The performances of our electric planchas are similar to those of our gas planchas.
In addition, the electric planchas in our range Extreme are approved for indoor use.


The festive barbecue-plancha.


3 in 1, it allows you to cook, heat and decorate.

We offer 2 brasero ranges each comprising 2 products of different sizes (100cm and 120cm) and suitable accessories.


The Japanese barbecue for grilling, braising, smoking, baking, simmering, …

Our range includes 3 kamados of different sizes and accessories.

See our gas planchas

See our electric planchas

See our braseros

See our kamados

Our commitment

We offer quality products and therefore guarantees up to 20 years.

We have made quality our main concern and customer service our main business asset.
Our products are guaranteed for up to 20 years.
In addition, always concerned with better serving our customers, we are constantly seeking to expand our network of
authorized after-sales service.

All our products are covered by 4 levels of guarantee.

Our 4 levels of guarantee

Our support

We want to stay close to our customers.

Before and after your purchases, a team of experts can be reached from Monday to Sunday via our various departments (telephone , email, chat).
We offer personalized customer service. A single contact for all your procedures (request for information, after-sales service, delivery problem, need for advice, etc.).
We also provide commercial support at points of sale (training, events, partnerships, etc.)

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