Our guarantees

We offer 4 levels of warranty on all our products.

We love our products and our customers. We therefore offer 4 levels of guarantee to cover the after-sales service, quality, know-how and conformity of our products.

“After-Sales” Guarantee

Up to 20 years warranty

Because we trust in our products, at Simogas our customers benefit from guarantees of up to 20 years, which cover them in the event of breakdown or manufacturing defect.

On the planchas


Our planchas benefit from the triple 20-5-2 guarantee, on plates and burners, parts and labor.

On the braseros

Our braseros benefit from a 24-month parts warranty. Replacement parts are sent to you at our expense.


On kamados

Our kamados have a 2-year warranty on all parts. Replacement parts are sent to you at our expense.


“High-end” guarantee

We want to stay close to our customers.

All our products are high-end and suitable for the needs of the occasional individual user as well as that of the informed professional.

“Know-How” Guarantee

Impeccable quality

Simogas is a Spanish company, historically from the metallurgical industry. We control the manufacturing stages of our products and use the latest technologies to offer best quality product ranges.

“Compliance” guarantee

Complies with European standards

Manufacturer since 1967 in Barcelona (Spain), Simogas has been marketing its products on the European market and particularly in France for several decades. Our products strictly meet standards and are tested without exception before packaging.

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