Our history

Simogas, manufacturer of new outdoor kitchens

Planchas, Braseros, Kamados & accessories

SIMOGAS is a family company, created in 1967 in the province of Barcelona in Spain. Professionals in the metallurgical industry, steel experts, we specialize in the manufacture and distribution of professional planchas, braseros and Kamados suitable for domestic use. Quality is our priority.


Simogas is founded by Josep Maria Simó. At first, custom metal plates were cut with a mechanical shear that had been purchased on credit. This machine, which marks the beginnings of Simogas, is still present in the workshop.


The company begins to grow, which makes it possible to invest in new machinery and hire more metal processing specialists. Simogas becomes a specialist in the manufacture of furniture and metal structures but especially in stainless steel products for sale to third parties. Over time, the manufacture of planchas for the hotel world adapts to the domestic market of bars and restaurants.


Simogas founded engineering and mold manufacturing departments that were managed by Josep Maria’s two sons, Sergi and José Luis, who soon took over the management of the company.
With the arrival of the second generation, internal production processes are modernized and Simogas becomes more international with one main objective: that domestic professional planchas become more and more known.


Introduction of the domestic plancha in France through a small distributor of household appliances in Pau who manages to make it known in the south of France thanks to its great qualities as a communicator. From that moment on, some barbecue manufacturers began to transform their barbecues into planchas for outdoors. After France other European countries followed and this expansion continues today.


Simogas becomes a reference in the world of professional planchas for domestic use because it offers professional products to individuals. The team continues to grow and has more than a dozen people.


Sales go up to 16,000 units on the French market and new designs become more modern and functional without sacrificing professional quality. Expansion continues into new markets.

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