Differences and Innovations

We are different.

We are a manufacturer and a family business.

You are buying directly from the manufacturer , without intermediaries, we receive the order, we prepare it, we pack it carefully and we send it through our transport companies directly to the indicated destination.

We pay particular attention to the relationship with our customers. Our customer and after-sales service are individualized, by chat, e-mail and telephone.
We answer all questions, advise and monitor orders placed.

Our innovations

We are constantly improving our products.

Manufacturing since 1967, Simogas first manufactured metal and sheet metal components, as a subcontractor .
Our products have always been designed to meet the official standards of our various countries of sale.

Top of the range for all

With the modernization of our internal processes, we have transformed the plancha market by first developing a wide range of professional planchas within everyone's reach

Useful and suitable accessories

Anxious to simplify the life of our customers, we have created our own carts for planchas by favoring the functional side for easy handling and movement of the planchas.

Colors in a world of metal

Then we created new and original designs. Our Rainbow range is revolutionizing the market by bringing a touch of elegance to a hitherto very "metallic" universe

Versatility in more of the rest

We have designed the Rainbow-Grill, an accessory that transforms your plancha into a barbecue or rotisserie in a few minutes.