Comment nettoyer les planchas Simogas

How to clean Simogas Planchas

The plancha kitchen has no secrets for you… But do you know how to clean a plancha like a real professional?

Surely you can imagine that cleaning and maintaining your plancha is essential if you want to keep your plancha in optimal conditions over time.

This will allow you to maintain the cooking performance of your plate and thus avoid using more energy than normal. If you don’t clean your plate well, food debris will form a layer of grease that will prevent your plancha from heating up properly. These residues are burned, they can also come loose to stick to food, which greatly alters its flavor and can therefore pose a health hazard.
Depending on the type of plancha plate you have, below you will find out how to easily clean and maintain your gas plancha or electric plancha.

Carbon rolled steel planchas and ground steel planchas

This type of plate should also be hot cleaned to make it easier for you.

When you’re done preparing your meal, turn off the plancha plate and deglaze it with cold water or ice cubes while scraping off the residue with a spatula. Under the influence of thermal shock, you can easily remove food debris and push it into the grease container provided for this purpose.

When deglazing, you need to pay close attention to water vapors so as not to burn.

When the plate is clean, dry it thoroughly and brush it with a thin layer of oil, including the edges, with a paper towel. This will protect your plate from oxidation.

If the maintenance instructions are not followed, your plancha may rust in some places. If you discover rust stains or your plate is very dirty, you will need to use a pumice stone to remove rust.

Enamelled cast iron planchas

Unlike steel plates, enamelled cast iron has a fragile coating, so it is recommended not to create a thermal shock on the plate that is still hot. When your plate has cooled down, simply wipe them down by wiping pre-greased paper towels onto the plate.

Maintenance of an enamelled cast iron plate does not require too much effort, since the enamel coating already protects the plate from corrosion.

Hard chrome plated planchas

Hard chrome is the easiest to care for, as food does not stick to the  plate surface. As with carbon rolled steel and ground steel plate planchas, plate cleaning is done by pouring a glass of water or ice cubes over the still hot plate and removing the residue with a spatula.

Since hard chrome does not rust, it is not necessary to wear a layer of oil after the plate has dried.

Grease container

Do not forget to empty and clean the grease container after each use and/or cleaning. It is made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe. You can also clean it with a sponge and dish soap.

Protect your plancha effectively

In addition to the above care tips, it is recommended to equip your plancha with a protective cover and a lid that protects it from dust and bad weather to keep your plancha in top condition. This will also save you from having to clean before each new use.

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