Which plancha best adapts to your needs?

Whether you live alone or have a large family, Simogas has a plancha for everyone.

The plancha is get-together and we know that when we have it, she is the party queen. Everyone sits around her, the little ones can help cook under the supervision of adults, everyone participates in the plancha party!

For 4 to 6 people, our electric models are perfect: the DP45 with its handles, the Extreme Electric in the 50 model and the Rainbow Electric 50 for color lovers.

For 6 to 8 people, all our 60 cm models are perfect! Whether it’s the simplicity of the Silver plancha, the versatility of the Extreme plancha, the color of the Rainbow series, it’s the heyday of the family and much more.

If we start talking about family or friends gatherings where everyone wants to eat at the same time, only Simogas knows how to do it! In the models of 70 and 75 cm, between 8 and 10 people eat.

For large tables for 10 to 12 people, we also have stainless steel planchas and trolleys for you: the Profi-Extrem 90cm and the Hartchrom Exzellenz 90.

Which Simogas Plancha best suits your needs? If you haven’t decided yet, contact us at info@simogas.com