Kamado Apollo Barbecue Small (Ø40CM-16″)

Modèle pour 1-6 personnes

The Kamado Apollo barbecue offers exceptional cooking versatility.
You can grill, braise, smoke, bake, simmer and even use it as a pizza oven.

Its ceramic design and egg shape allow for heat reflection and retention, giving it the ability to reach high temperatures with low charcoal consumption.
Supplied with a 33cm round stainless steel grill. Equipped with handles for easy and safe movement.
The Kamado Apollo barbecue model is therefore perfectly suited for home cooking. Don’t hesitate to go on holiday with it!

Thanks to its integrated thermometer and its 2 adjustable vents at the top and bottom, the Apollo gives you total control over the cooking of your food through precise temperature control.

Cooking with charcoal becomes a real pleasure: from roast chicken to pizza, from ribs to country bread and grilled vegetables.

The Apollo barbecue works with charcoal.

Easy to light: about 12 minutes to be ready to cook your food. Finally, the Apollo is easy to clean and will not rust..

Size :

The diameter of the cooking grid of the Small version is 40 cm.