How to clean Simogas Planchas

Comment nettoyer les planchas Simogas

The plancha kitchen has no secrets for you… But do you know how to clean a plancha like a real professional? Surely you can imagine that cleaning and maintaining your plancha is essential if you want to keep your plancha in optimal conditions over time. This will allow you to maintain the cooking performance of […]

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Which plancha best adapts to your needs?

Whether you live alone or have a large family, Simogas has a plancha for everyone. The plancha is get-together and we know that when we have it, she is the party queen. Everyone sits around her, the little ones can help cook under the supervision of adults, everyone participates in the plancha party! For 4 […]

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How to use a professional Simogas plancha


Cooking à la plancha With the trend of eating well, which has exploded in recent years, it is difficult to overlook this new way of cooking, plancha “grilling”. The healthy and tasty plancha cuisine par excellence offers you a new way to prepare varied and balanced dishes, easily. Ideal if you take care of your […]

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Choose your plancha

plancha gaz en acier laminé

Which plancha to choose? Features for choosing your plancha: plate thickness, sufficient power, shape of the burners, sufficient but not excessive ventilation, etc. You will also find a wide range of materials, and your decision will certainly determine how you will cook with the plancha in the future. MATERIAL AND PLATE THICKNESS   On the […]

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Choose your plancha size

Choose your plancha size is important. Since not all families are the same, our planchas adapt to all table types. Are you young and in a relationship? Take a look at the colors of the 50cm Rainbow Plancha. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, easy to transport and brings a new splash […]

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