Hart chromed steel

Gas and electric hart chrome steel planchas

Placa Chrome dur

18 mm plate thickness. 4 cm high edge

96 micron hard chrome plated steel alloy

Professional plate with high thermal inertia

Our chrome hobs are professional quality, allowing you to enjoy a luxury kitchen in your own home.

Here you will find three different models, each designed for a certain number of people. The smallest model has a 60 x 40 cm hob and is recommended for a maximum of 8 people. The intermediate model, 75 x 40 cm, will allow you to cook for up to 10 people and the largest, 90 x 40 cm, will allow you to cook for more than 10 people.

The best quality in chrome plates

Whichever model you choose, they all have electronic ignition and, in addition, all models are adorned with a ventilation grille to protect the flame from the wind.

Finally, these chrome hobs are very easy to clean, not only thanks to the removable grease container, but also because you can clean them without problems with water or ice when they are still hot.