Modèle pour +20 personnes

The BRASERO with elegant and functional design

The brasero becomes happiness of plancha,  barbecue and  wood fire lovers.

The Jupiter brasero is made of corten steel and the cooking plate of  ground steel (10mm).

Large cooking surface: The circular cooking plate (100cm ring) is made of 10mm thick ground steel. Steel is an excellent conductor offering perfect grip and suitable for all foods: meat, grilled meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, etc.

The design of the Jupiter brasero is cup-shaped on a table-shaped base made of corten steel.
It provides ample storage space for your cooking utensils as well as the logs.

By making a wood or coal fire in the center of the brasero, the cooking plate heats from the center outwards.

Cooking temperatures are higher the closer the food is to the inside and gradually decrease towards the outer edges, so a variety of foods can be cooked at different temperatures at the same time.

The Jupiter brasero can also be used outdoors as a heat source creating an “around the fire” atmosphere. Its fire also converts your garden into a friendly and warm space.

Corten steel is a steel that is resistant to strong temperature variations and to corrosion. Indeed, Corten steel oxidizes on the surface and it is this first layer of corrosion that prevents any additional deterioration caused by corrosion. The Brasero Jupiter can be left outside all year round without the need for protection.

As a gift with your purchase: The flat central grid accessory is offered to you.

Size :

  • Plate diameter: 100cm Thickness: 10mm
  • Total size: 100 x 130 x 100cm (100 x 130 x 111 cm with wheels)
  • Weight: 152kg
  • Cleaning and maintenance :
  • Cleaning the plate is quick and easy: pour a glass of water or ice cubes (deglazing) on ​​the still hot plate and scrape with a spatula to remove residue. Do not hesitate to rub well. IMPORTANT: Once the plate has cooled, always oil the plate (edible oil of your choice) after each use, so that it does not rust. We advise you not to use vinegar or any other acidic product on your plate.
  • The corten steel cup and base require no maintenance.