New catalog of Simogas planchas

The new catalog of Simogas planchas is finally here. This season’s novelties reaffirm the desire of the most international Spanish brand of planchas to position itself as the top-of-the-range plancha with upgrades of the models preferred by our customers.

New gas and electric planchas

The range of < a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">planchasRainbow was all the rage, it’s a fact and this year it is expanding its family with new variations and new sizes. For example, for those looking for a pro result and the most colorful aesthetic, here is the Rainbow REC, with a ground carbon steel plate which has a thickness of 12 mm for allow for better grasping of food. Two types of plates< /span>, rolled steel and rectified steel for the same plancha as beautiful as ever. Available in 6 colors, like the Rainbow. The trolleys and lids are also available in 6 colours.

But the Rainbow range also exists in an electric version. Last year, we experienced the Rainbow ELEC, in size 50 cm and just as practical as other Simogas models, such as the DP-45, but with the extra to match in the colors of your kitchen.

Types of gas planchas

Planchas by color

Accessories for plancha