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Manufacturer since 1967

SIMOGAS is a family company, created in 1967 in the province of Barcelona in Spain.
Professionals in the metallurgical industry, experts in steel, we specialize in the manufacture and distribution of professional planchas, braziers and Kamados suitable for home use.Quality is our priority.



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Because we have confidence in our products, our products benefit from an extended warranty that covers them in the event of breakdown or manufacturing defect.

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A single contact for all your procedures (request for information, after-sales service, delivery problem, need for advice, etc.) Rely on the expertise of our professionals to make your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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¿Why buy a gas plancha?


We choose gas hobs because they are very powerful and reach the right temperature very quickly. They consume less energy than electric hobs, which affects electricity bills. They are normally prepared to work with butane gas, although some come with a kit that allows them to be adapted to natural gas.

Gas hobs come in two types: modular and non-modular. The modular can be equipped with other elements such as hotplates, fryers, barbecues… they have a width of 35 cm to 70 cm. The non-modular ones have a width of 40 to 100 cm, offering a space that cannot be coupled but which adapts to your needs. Normally, the plate has a smooth or grooved surface, called palastrace. The palastro is the metal surface on which food is cooked. They are made of steel, treated steel, vitrified steel or hard chrome steel.

At Simogas we have gas hobs of different powers, sizes and pallets. We advise you to look at the thickness of the plate, its power and its size. Depending on its size, the plancha will have more or less gas taps for each cooking zone and between 1 and 4 heating elements. The thickness of the palastro is also important, we recommend no less than 10 mm for intensive use.

Stainless steel gas hobs are economical and ideal for preparing sandwiches and snacks in bars or restaurants. If the steel is treated, its surface becomes less porous and thicker, which is perfect for meats